'Conscious Fish Week' has started!


Choose your fish consciously for healthier oceans!

From 23 to 29 September is Conscious Fish Week. MSC and ASC join forces and organise the Conscious Fish Week. This week is all about making a conscious choice when buying fish.

So pay this week when shopping for your fish! (and beyond) What to look for? A MSC or ASC quality mark!

MSC and ASC, what?

MSC is for wild fishing, and ASC for farmed fish. Two different quality marks, both for sustainable fishery. Why? Sustainable farmed fish is totally different than wild fishing. MSC looks at the impact of the fishery on the ocean and the amount of fish our ocean. ASC focusses more on the conditions fish is farmed, such as health of the fish and what the fish get fed.

RVW Nico en Niek Waasdorp 02.jpg


We have a great partnership with our fish-companion Eco Seafood from Ijmuiden. Father Nico and son Niek have been working on sustainable fishing for years. As a fish supplier they are fully certified by both MSC and ASC.

All fish we get and serve is guaranteed sustaible! So you can for sure enjoy responsible at our fishbar!